Mr. Clones’ Grow Tips

Grow Tips

Growing cannabis clones at home in Canada is downright easy.

From optimized light height to nutritional needs and everything in between, you’re about to go from first-time-clone-grower to green thumb with this list of tips.

Tip #1: Less is More

Cannabis clones are incredibly resilient plants.

Clones can withstand drought, heat, cold, depleted nutrient content, and much more. In other words, marijuana clones are beginner friendly.

However, many new cannabis growers believe that marijuana plants need a lot of water and nutrients to produce massive buds. This logic has resulted in thousands of destroyed crops across Canada.

Follow these general rules to make sure your cannabis clones stay healthy:

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Tip #2: Let There Be Light (But Not Too Close)

Indoor cannabis growers must use artificial lighting from LEDs, HIDs, or CFLs to promote rapid growth.

Although light is crucial to produce glistening marijuana flowers, you don’t want it too close to the cannabis canopy. Remember, different wattages produce variable temperatures and light intensity. Always refer to manufacturer recommendations, but we’ll provide a simple guide below.

Your cannabis clones will flourish if you hang your grow lights at an optimal distance. Remember, cannabis clones can sustain serious damage if lights are too close, such as:

Tip #3: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

One of the unsung tips among the cannabis growing community is the KISS method.

By keeping things simple, you’ll reduce the chance of complications. In other words, you don’t need all the fancy growing equipment or high-end nutrient products with catchy marketing. Instead, the basics will always suffice when learning how to grow clones.

As your growing skills improve and the number of clones in your stable grows — you can begin increasing the complexity of your grow. However, using basic cultivation techniques is highly recommended until you have 2-3 harvests under your belt.

We’ve provided a handful of tips below to ensure your grow stays simple, cost-effective, and easy.

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Ultimately, growing cannabis clones from Mr. Clones is incredibly easy. Remember, cannabis is called weed for a reason. Not only is cannabis tough, but it’s also capable of growing in diverse environments. Wherever you are in Canada, you’ll find our cannabis clones ready to produce top-shelf buds in no time.