Why Grow?

Why Grow?

Whether you’re a medical or recreational enthusiast, cannabis costs money — and a lot of it.

Depending on your needs, you may buy upwards of an ounce of cannabis per week at a dispensary near you. Once you sit down and add the figures — you’re spending hundreds of dollars per month on marijuana or recreational cannabis.

The solution to your ever-draining wallet is to grow your own cannabis.

Below, we’ll look at the primary reasons you should grow cannabis at home in Canada.

Growing Cannabis Clones is Legal in Canada

For anyone on the fence, legality is always a core concern.

Luckily, cannabis is legal in Canada — including growing your own cannabis clones at home! You’re allowed to grow up to four cannabis clones without any issue from law enforcement across all of Canada’s provinces.

Now that the legality issue is out of the way, you only need to build the motivation to dive into cannabis growing.

Growing Cannabis Clones Saves You Money

One of the most essential reasons for growing your own cannabis at home is to save money.

A single outdoor cannabis plant can produce upwards of 800 grams of flower. Four indoor plants within a square meter can easily produce 500 grams of cannabis. With the average cost per gram of CA$15 — growing your own cannabis allows you to reduce this number significantly.

In most cases, home growers can produce cannabis at CA$2 per gram or less, depending on the efficiency of their grow room. Indoor growers can produce massive harvests annually to make the case even more appealing.

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Growing Cannabis Clones is Easy

Growing cannabis clones isn’t rocket science.

Cannabis plants require light, water, nutrients, and a medium, such as soil or hydroponics, to thrive. As long as you provide these basic needs, your cannabis clones can produce a bumper crop harvest in as little as two months.

You can always improve your growing technique with specialized nutrient formulas and environmental controllers, but the primary method of cultivating cannabis is so straightforward that anyone can do it.

Growing Cannabis Clones Puts You in The Driver’s Seat

Instead of being at the mercy of a local cannabis dispensary — it’s your turn to make the decisions.

By growing cannabis clones at home, you can decide which strains make it into your garden. From lab-tested and verified clones, you’ll always get the real deal with Mr. Clones, so you always know what to expect when it comes time to indulge (i.e., terpene profile, THC content, and effects).