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Mango Sapphire Clones

Mango Sapphire Clones

Discover Mango Sapphire clones, an extraordinary hybrid strain with 85% Indica and 15% Sativa genetics. Renowned for yielding buckets of trichome-drenched flowers, Mango Sapphire is the ultimate solution for Canadian cultivators seeking high-yielding clones. A unique blend of Bubba’s Gift, OG Kush, and Afghan Genetics, this strain offers a delectable aroma with notes of exotic fruits, coconut, mango, and a hint of sour fruit. Mango Sapphire boasts a 23% THC content and 1% CBD, making it ideal for relieving pain and stimulating appetite.

Indoor Cultivation Tips:

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Outdoor Grow Tips:

Indulge in the exquisite tropical flavors and unparalleled yields of Mango Sapphire clones. With its potent body high promoting relaxation, Mango Sapphire is perfect for individuals seeking relief from stress and tension. Experience the delight of cultivating these remarkable clones in Canada, and reap the abundant rewards of their trichome-rich, flavorful flowers.

Minimum order is 4 plants