Mimosa Clones

Mimosa Clones

Embrace the joy of Mimosa clones, a delightful hybrid strain with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genetics. Boasting THC levels of 20+% and 1% CBD, this strain delivers happy and level-headed effects perfect for daytime use. Let Mimosa uplift and motivate you while providing relief from anxiety and fatigue. With its Clementine x Purple Punch genetics, these clones are an excellent choice for Canadian cultivators seeking an outstanding strain.

Indoor Cultivation Tips:

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Outdoor Grow Tips:

Mimosa clones are a fantastic option for any cultivator looking for an energetic, focused, and uplifting strain in Canada. You’ll enjoy medium to high yields of this incredible strain with proper care. Experience the benefits of cultivating Mimosa clones and delight in the bountiful harvests they provide.

Minimum order is 4 plants