Animal Sorbet: An Uplifting and Euphoric Hybrid for Any Occasion

Animal Sorbet An Uplifting and Euphoric Hybrid for Any Occasion

With the growing popularity and legalization of cannabis, users are spoiled for choice when it comes to strains. Hundreds of unique varieties now exist, each with their own distinctive effects and uses. One newer offering that has quickly developed a devoted fanbase is Animal Sorbet. This sativa-dominant hybrid provides a burst of euphoric energy perfect for creative pursuits or social activities. Its well-rounded effects and agreeable flavor profile also make Animal Sorbet suitable for nearly any occasion.

Animal Sorbet was bred by prolific Southern California seed company Crockett Family Farms. It’s a cross between two aromatic cultivars – Animal Cookies and SinMint Sorbet. The “Animal” genetics lend the strain a sweet, cookie-like aroma and strong potency. The “Sorbet” side provides uplifting, clear-headed effects and a layer of fresh berry flavor. The result is a 55/45 sativa-dominant strain testing around 18% THC with a complex terpene profile.

The high comes on fast with an elevating head rush. An expansive sense of euphoria washes over both mind and body, immediately lifting mood and outlook. This lends itself well to creative activities like brainstorming, writing, or arts and crafts. The buzz provides a surge of new ideas while eliminating second-guessing and self-criticism. Everything just seems more interesting and engaging. One can easily lose track of time immersed in projects or hobbies.

That mental stimulation is balanced out by a relaxing body buzz that eases away aches, pains and tension. Limbs feel lithe and movements fluid. While the head soars with imagination, the body uncoils into a calm, centered bliss. Any racing thoughts or anxiety slide away as a sense of mindfulness takes over. This makes Animal Sorbet great for relieving stress and unwinding after a long day.

The well-rounded effects also lend themselves nicely to social activities. The mood elevation, mental stimulation, and calm body high make for lively, engaging conversations. There’s no sluggishness or burnout feeling as with some strains. Animal Sorbet spurs social energy and enjoyment without ever going overboard into hyper-manic territory. Friends may feel telepathically connected thanks to the strain’s groupthink effect. Shared laughter comes easily. Silliness and playfulness emerge. Many find themselves chattier than usual with this disinhibiting strain.

Medical cannabis patients turn to Animal Sorbet to manage an array of symptoms. The palpable mood lift provides relief from depression and anxiety disorders. The stimulant effect can also boost energy and concentration for those handling fatigue, ADHD or mood disorders. Chronic stress and PTSD patients also appreciate the calm it ushers in. Physically, it can lessen minor aches and pains while relaxing muscles and reducing inflammation. The clear-headed nature of the high makes it less disorienting for daytime use compared to some heavier strains.

Animal Sorbet has a sweet, dessert-like aroma befitting its Cookie genetics. Hints of berry and herbal mint provided by the SinMint Sorbet complete the fruity bouquet. When combusted the flowers have a smooth inhale with berry and spice flavors. The potent sativa buzz sets in quickly on the exhale. Vaping accentuates the more subtle minty, blueberry notes. However, one chooses to partake, Animal Sorbet’s flavor offers an enjoyable prelude to the effects.

Buds of Animal Sorbet have a classic appearance. Bright greens mingle with deep violets, all coated in a generous layer of fuzzy orange pistils and shiny trichome resin. The colorful flowers cluster in classic cannabis spear shapes. The plentiful trich coverage contributes to both the strain’s potency and aromatic nature.

Cultivating these photogenic purple and green buds requires some attentiveness. Animal Sorbet grows best in controlled indoor conditions or a warm sunny climate. The lanky plants reach upwards of 6 feet tall at maturity. Topping early encourages bushier growth rather than tall, leggy specimens prone to toppling over. Provide plenty of lateral training and airflow circulation once budding gets underway. The long side branches will need staking or trellising support to bear the weight of large, heavy colas. Outdoor grows in Mediterranean or equatorial regions will fare better than cool or humid climates.

With TLC, Animal Sorbet produces excellent yields of flavorful, potent buds. Indoors the flowering period averages 8 to 9 weeks. Outdoors it finishes around early October in the northern hemisphere. While not the most resinous strain, harvests reward diligent growers with THC levels from 18% on upwards. Dense purple and green nuggets have bag appeal for dispensaries and connoisseurs alike.

For both existing cannabis lovers and newcomers, Animal Sorbet offers an appealing combination of effects and aesthetics. Its bubbly sativa head high caters to creativity and social functions. A relaxing body melt nicely rounds it out for all-purpose enjoyment. The enticing berry cookie flavors leave nothing to be desired. Next time the buds come around, this Sorbet may prove hard to resist. A few tasty puffs can brighten any occasion.

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