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Comparing Different Cannabis Growing Kits

Comparing Different Cannabis Growing Kits

For both beginner and experienced cannabis growers, using an all-in-one grow kit can make setting up and maintaining your indoor grow tent simple and successful. Grow kits come with just about everything you need besides the seeds or clones. With so many kits on the market featuring different equipment, grow mediums, nutrients, and accessories, it can be tricky to determine the best setup for your needs. In this post, we’ll compare some of the most popular cannabis grow kits to help you choose the right system.

Pre-Assembled Grow Tents

One major advantage of grow kits is that they include a fully assembled grow tent. Grow tents create the perfect enclosed environment for your plants by blocking light leaks and controlling temperature and humidity. High quality tents are made from reflective mylar lining to maximize light as well as durable steel poles, connectors, and outer canvas material. Complete kits will include the tent with installed frame plus handy accessories like hanging bars and filters. Just add your lighting and plants! Here are some top all-in-one grow tent kits:

Mars Hydro Grow Tent – Mars Hydro is one of the most trusted names in grow tent kits. Their tents feature tear-proof 1680D canvas, 95% reflective mylar, and heavy-duty metal zippers. Their kits are available in multiple sizes with options like the TS 1000W LED light included.

Gorilla Grow Tent – For the highest quality tents on the market, you can’t beat Gorilla Grow Tents. Their patented steel interlocking poles provide unmatched stability and their dense canvas is designed for maximum lightproofing. Convenience features include wide access doors and interior tool pouches. Tents sizes range from 2×2’ up to massive 10×10’ setups.

VIVOSUN Grow Tent – For growers on a budget, VIVOSUN makes great value complete tent kits. Their tents may not be quite as ruggedly built as some pricier versions but they get the job done reliably for small to medium grows. Helpful touches like multiple intake and exhaust ports are included.

Medium and Nutrients

The medium you choose to grow your plants in and the nutrient system for feeding them are two of the most important pieces of an indoor cannabis grow setup. Many all-in-one kits take the guesswork out by including premixed growing medium and branded nutrients specifically tailored for that soil or soilless mix.

Here are some of the most popular options:

FoxFarm Happy Frog Soil – FoxFarm makes the favorite potting soil for many growers. Happy Frog has the perfect blend of ingredients like compost, earthworm castings, bat guano, and Mycorrhizae fungi to grow healthy, robust cannabis plants from seed through harvest.

FoxFarm Nutrient Trio – To feed plants grown in FoxFarm’s Happy Frog soil, their famous trio of nutrient formulations including Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom provides complete nutrition throughout the growth cycle.

Roots Organics Original – Another premium soilless mix perfect for cannabis is Roots Organics Original. It contains a diverse blend of coco fiber, compost, peat moss, perlite, pumice, and organic fertilizers. Roots Organics nutrients are specially designed for use with their soil mix.

DWC Hydroponic Kits – For the highest yields possible, deep water culture (DWC) hydroponic kits allow you to grow plants in nutrient solution only. Roots are suspended in oxygenated water for rapid growth. Hydroponic kits include everything you need for setting up your reservoirs and getting started.

Grow Lighting

High quality lighting is essential for fueling photosynthesis and maximizing cannabis bud production. From fluorescent and HID setups to cutting edge LEDs, complete grow kits feature a grow light designed specifically for that tent’s recommended footprint and the optimum light spectrum for cannabis.

HID Kits – High intensity discharge (HID) lights like HPS and MH have long been the tried and true standard for grow lights. While not as energy efficient as LEDs, they provide intense luminosity ideal for flowering. Grow kits may include a single full cycle HID like CMH or separate MH and HPS bulbs for vegetative growth and flowering. Ballasts, hoods, and hangers simplify installation.

LED Kits – Today’s top of the line LED grow lights provide full spectrum illumination tuned perfectly to cannabis biology. High end LED fixtures like Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro, and Gavita come in energy efficient, high output models that can replace up to a 1000W HID setup. LED kits include the grow light panel and adjustable hanging kit for getting ideal coverage over your canopy.

T5 Fluorescent Kits – For small grow tents and seed starting, T5 fluorescent grow light systems are compact, low heat, and very affordable. Fluorescent grow kits include the 2’ to 8’ T5 light fixture and all the bulbs you need for seedlings and clones to get them ready for the flowering tent.

Ventilation and Equipment

Proper ventilation keeps your plants healthy by preventing mold and mildew growth as well as removing heat from grow lights. Complete tent kits come with the required inline fans, carbon filters, ducting, and other accessories to maintain ideal growing conditions.

Fans and Filters – Ventilation kits include an inline exhaust fan sized appropriately for that tent along with a carbon filter to remove odors, particulate matter, and heat from the outgoing air. Ducting connects the filter and fan to vent hot air outside the tent.

Environmental Controllers – Upgraded tent kits may contain equipment to automatically monitor and control temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, and other environmental factors. This takes the guesswork out of maintaining optimal grow room conditions.

Timers – To automate your grow and provide precise lighting schedules, digital timers allow you to program on/off cycles for your grow lights and other equipment down to the minute. No need to manually turn lights on and off each day!

Final Thoughts

With complete grow tent kits containing lights, tents, nutrients, soil, ventilation, and all accessories required for start-to-finish cannabis cultivation, setting up your indoor garden couldn’t be simpler. Plus costs may be lower than piecing together individual components yourself. Do some research to decide on the tent size, lighting type, and growing medium that best fits your space and budget. Then turn to a quality all-in-one kit to get growing fast and efficiently!

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