Comparing Success Rates of Different Strains when Cloning

Comparing Success Rates of Different Strains when Cloning

Comparing Success Rates of Different Strains when Cloning

When taking cuttings to clone cannabis plants, growers will find that not all strains root and grow out with equal success rates. Some varieties consistently generate abundant healthy roots and vigorous growth. Others tend to struggle with cloning and suffer higher losses. By comparing the cloning performance across different strains, cultivators can select optimal genetics and refine techniques for best results.

Fast Rooting Strains

Some cannabis strains root very quickly and reliably from cuttings, making them ideal for beginner cloners. Good strains to start with include:

  • White Widow – This sturdy hybrid almost always roots within 7-10 days in my experience. The thick stems are easy to handle for new cloners. Strong white roots explode from the base. Success rate is 95%+.
  • Northern Lights – A classic cloning staple, this indica clone roots easily with few losses even for novice growers. Fast root initiation in 5-7 days. Steady, low-stress grower. Success rate around 90%.
  • Critical Kush – An easygoing critical mass and OG Kush cross that clones dependably. Thick stems root in 7-10 days. Large, vigorous plants in veg. Success rate about 85%.
  • Blue Dream – The sativa-leaning Blue Dream isn’t quite as foolproof as pure indicas but still clones with good success upwards of 80% for most growers.
  • Cannatonic – High-CBD strains can be finicky but this one propagates very well from cuttings. Sturdy stems quickly push out white roots in humidity domes. Success rate around 90%.

Slow Rooting Strains

Some strains consistently prove tricky to clone with lower success rates. Difficult strains for cloning include:

  • Jack Herer – Leggy growth and hollow stems make this sativa hard to root without specialized aeroponic cloners. Prone to damping off. Success rate 50% or lower.
  • Headband – Lanky stems and lots of leaf yellowing and drop off are common. Lower rooting rates around 60%. Requires perfect conditions.
  • Super Silver Haze – Another temperamental sativa that tends to act stubborn when cloning. Only around 50% success rate even for experts.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – GSC is touchy to clone with hollow stems. It requires high humidity and bottom heat for an extended period to yield maybe 60%+ roots.
  • Purple Urkle – Dark pigments and densely packed bud structure seem to inhibit cutting growth. Tricky to get over 40% viable clones.

Key Variables Impacting Success

When compiling cloning success rates across different cannabis strains, several key factors influence outcomes:

  • Plant structure – More rigid, thick stems root better than hollow, fragile ones. Compact plants clone better than lanky.
  • Pigmentation – Varieties with dark purple hues seem to resist rooting compared to green.
  • Sativa vs. Indica – In general, the shorter indica strains root much quicker and at higher rates than tall, light-sensitive sativas.
  • Flowering structure – Plants with loose buds like sativas clone better than ultra-dense indica buds that inhibit growth.
  • Age and vigor of mother – Mature, healthy mothers provide much better cuttings than young weak plants.
  • Grower skill level – An expert cloner can achieve high success even with difficult strains. Novices see lower rates.

Cloning technique certainly impacts results across different strains. But plant genetics play a major role as well in determining rooting speed and clone viability. By understanding these differences and matching cultivars with your specific skills and setup, growers can optimize success when propagating new cannabis plants through cuttings.

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