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Creative Places to Hide Your Cannabis Safely

Creative Places to Hide Your Cannabis Safely

Cannabis may be more accepted these days, but it still pays to keep personal stashes discreet for many reasons. While hiding weed securely, accessibly, creatively and legally poses a challenge, solutions exist for those willing to think outside the box. This post explores clever spots to conceal cannabis without sacrificing functionality or safety.

Go Beyond the Basics

Typical hiding places like dresser drawers, closet shelves, and nightstands lack imagination. And they are exactly where snoops will look first. To disguise cannabis effectively takes some unconventional thinking. Here are inventive ideas to hide weed in style:

Get Crafty

Inside hand-carved books – Carve out the pages to form a secret compartment while keeping the cover intact. Use obscure old books rather than popular titles.

Behind wall art – Adhere a lightweight medicine cabinet or lockbox to the back of a painting or print. Hang it prominently as the last place one would suspect.

Within ceramic containers – Store cannabis inside a hollowed-out statue, vase, ornament, or hollowed out container sealed with silicone.

Use Food Storage

Vacuum sealed bags at bottom of pantry – Wrap cannabis in multiple vacuum seal bags then bury it at the bottom of a box or canister of dry goods.

Inside large jar of spices or flour – Ensure the spice or flour jar is tall enough to accommodate contents on top without looking suspicious.

Frozen inside food items – Insert a cryovial or vacuum bag inside frozen foods where it won’t be detected. Keep inventory rotation in mind.

Get Sneaky

Inside audio speakers – The hollow cavity of speaker cabinets or old radios can house sizeable stashes unnoticed.

Inside bathroom vanity compartments – Tuck cannabis inside medicine cabinets, cosmetic organizers, or unused toilet paper rolls.

Buried in backyard planter boxes – When combined with dryer sheets or vacuum sealing, exterior storage mediums like rock piles or root balls of house plants work well to conceal cannabis outdoors. Dig deep and be discreet.

Think Like a Spy

Fake electrical outlet hides – Buy a standard receptacle box with a hidden compartment inside to stash cannabis discreetly on any wall.

Buried and sealed in backyard – For large quantities, waterproof storage tubing buried underground is an option where legal and safe from utilities. Note the locations well.

Lockbox adhered under furniture – Affix lockboxes underneath tables, beds, or counters using adhesive, magnets or screws for covert storage.

Obscure Objects

Inside deconstructed electronics – Gut old devices like hard drives, VCRs, or radios and use the shells to hide cannabis compartments.

In antacids tablet bottles – Once emptied, tablet bottles work for small quantities and even provide an alibi for the “medication”.

Inside furniture poles – For hollow table legs, bed posts, or chair arms, install threaded caps to covertly access the interior.

The options are limited only by your imagination. Just be sure methods are secure, accessible to you but not others, and legal within your local laws. Avoid anywhere that gets hot like attics or cars. And never attempt to ship cannabis through mail or across borders. When being creative with cannabis, be smart too.

Additional Safety Tips

Some additional pointers for keeping discreet cannabis stashes secure:

Use multiple bags and containers to mask scent from leaking out. Air tight is essential for exterior storage.

Label with false information rather than strain names. Never mention cannabis on the packaging.

Pair with other strong-smelling items like coffee or spices to confuse scent-detecting dogs.

Keep quantities small. The more you conceal in one spot, the greater the risk. Spread out your storage spots.

If hiding outside, ensure it’s away from areas that get foot traffic, mowed, or dug up.

Remember locations. Don’t get too clever that you can’t find your stash later.

Test retrieval ahead of time to avoid getting stuck unable to access your goods when needed.

Check for signs of damage or tampering periodically if using long-term spot.

Never steal or trespass to conceal cannabis. Safety depends on acting legally.

With some thoughtfulness, discretion, and care, you can find inventive ways to keep cannabis concealed and secure. Just don’t get carried away at the expense of common sense.


Hiding cannabis safely yet accessibly poses an age-old challenge. With a little creativity, you can devise clever, discrete spots beyond the basics. Conceal it in crafts, false containers, unexpected objects, obscured storage or buried outdoor stashes. Just take precautions to keep it untraceable, intact, and retrievable while also following all applicable laws. A solid discreet storage strategy allows you to maintain your privacy and exercise cannabis discreetly on your own terms. With more jurisdictions reforming cannabis laws, hopefully one day such elaborate concealment will no longer be needed. But for now, stay ingenious and incognito when exercising your cannabis liberties.

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