How Long Do Cannabis Clones Take to Start Growing?

How long do cannabis clones take to start growing

Are you diving into the world of cultivating cannabis in Canada? Well, you’ve probably heard about the magic of cannabis clones and how they can kick start your growing journey. But just how long does it take for these babies to sprout their roots and get going? Let’s dive in and find out.

First off, what are cannabis clones? They’re basically cuttings taken from a “mother” cannabis plant and grown into genetically identical replicas. In Canada, they’re particularly popular because they offer consistency in genetics and quicker flowering times. But before you start dreaming of a lush marijuana forest in your backyard, let’s get to the root of the matter.

Factors Affecting Rooting Time

Rooting time can vary depending on a few key factors. Firstly, the health of your clone is crucial. A young, vigorous mother plant free from disease will produce healthier clones. Secondly, your growing environment plays a big role. Canadian growers, listen up – maintaining the right temperature, humidity, and light levels is crucial. Aim for temperatures between 70-77°F and humidity around 70-80%.

As for rooting methods, you’ve got options. Rockwool, soil, and aeroponics are common choices. Each method has its pros and cons, so choose what works best for your setup.

The Rooting Process Timeline 

Now, let’s break down the rooting process into a timeline fit for the Great White North.

Days 1-7: It’s all about creating the perfect cozy environment for those roots to stretch out. High humidity and warm temperatures are key. Keep the humidity around 70-80% and maintain that toasty temperature.

Days 7-14: By now, you might start seeing some tiny white root nubs poking out. Exciting, right? It’s time to gradually reduce the humidity to around 60% and introduce gentle air circulation to strengthen those roots.

Days 14-21: At this point, your clones should be sporting some healthy, well-established roots, about 1-2 inches long. It’s time to transplant them into a larger growing medium and watch them thrive.

Additional Tips for Faster Rooting in Canada

Looking to speed up the rooting process? Here are some bonus tips:

  • Consider using a rooting gel or hormone to give your clones a little boost. Just make sure to check out the regulations in Canada regarding these products.
  • Keep the growing medium moist, but not soaking wet. Think of it like a good Canadian spring – a little damp, but not drowned.
  • If humidity levels drop, don’t be afraid to give your clones a gentle misting to keep them happy.
  • And most importantly, be patient, my friend. Rooting can take time, especially during those colder Canadian months. But trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.


So, how long does it take for cannabis clones to start growing in Canada? On average, you’re looking at about 1-3 weeks from cutting to rooting. But remember, the key to success lies in providing optimal care and attention to your little green babies.

If you’re ready to dive deeper into the world of cannabis cultivation, check out our guide on transplanting clones or our comprehensive cannabis growing guide.

And hey, if you’re feeling inspired to start your growing journey, why not give us a shout? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding enthusiast, we’re here to help you grow your green dreams into reality.

Now, go forth and let your cannabis clones flourish! Ready to start your growing journey? Contact us now to get started!

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