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How to Take Monster Cropped Cannabis Clones from Flowering Plants?

How to Take Monster Cropped Cannabis Clones from Flowering Plants

Monster cropping is an advanced cloning technique that involves taking cuttings from flowering marijuana plants, forcing them to re-vegetate, and exploiting explosive growth. Also called “flowering clone mother plants,” monster cropping creates bushy plants with accelerated flowering and enormous yields. Successfully implementing this method requires careful timing and technique. Let’s look at how to properly take monster cropped clones from blooming cannabis plants.

Why Monster Crop?

Monster cropping works by manipulating plant hormones. When cannabis flowers, levels of auxin decrease while gibberellic acid increases, signaling the shift from vegetative growth to bloom.

By taking cuttings and placing them under 18-24 hours of light, this hormonal ratio flips back to high auxin and low gibberellic acid. The plant reverts to veg, triggering insane branching and multiple colas.

When returned to flowering, the primed cola sites explode with accelerated maturity and massive yields. Monster cropping can increase harvests 25-50% over conventional clones.

Timing Cuttings

The key is identifying the optimal window for taking cuttings from flowering plants. Take them too early, and they may not root well or re-veg properly. Too late into bloom, and the cuttings lose vigor.

The ideal timing is around 3-4 weeks into the flowering stage. At this point, buds are developing but plants are still quite vigorous and able to readily grow new roots. Earlier or later can work but becomes less reliable.

Picking Donors

Look for robust flowering plants showing no signs of stress or disease. Avoid runts of the litter or plants struggling to thrive. Indicas and indica-dominant hybrids generally respond best to monster cropping.

The specific strains best suited include classic indicas like Northern Lights, White Rhino and Afghani. Hybrids should lean indica in structure and bloom time. Pick sturdy side branches for cuttings rather than main colas.

Prepare Media & Dome

Monster cropping requires the same media and dome setup as conventional cloning. Use a sterile starting mix of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite that holds moisture while providing aeration for young roots. Presoak plugs or cubes to hydrate the media.

Place trays of moistened media into a humidity dome equipped with bottom heat of 75-80°F. Strike cuttings and immediately insert into media in the high humidity dome.

Taking & Handling Cuttings

Use sterile, sharp shears or a cloning scalpel to take 4-6 inch cuttings just below flowering nodes. Retain some flowering leaves to enable photosynthesis and food production. Dip cutting ends into rooting gel containing a higher dose of auxin than normal clones. This powers reversion to veg growth.

Gently place cuttings into the prepped media without cramming too tightly. Spray foliage with water and mist inner dome walls. Place dome onto trays, ensuring it seals to hold humidity at 90% or higher.

Caring for Monster Clones

Maintain constant 75-80°F at the media surface with bottom heating. Keep humidity high by misting often and ventilating only briefly each day. Provide fluorescent or T5 lighting for 18-24 hours per day outside the dome.

Look for new vegetative growth emerging within 7-10 days. As cuttings re-veg, gradually open vents to reduce humidity over another week. Fully remove dome once roots show and new leaves reach 2 inches long.

Avoid transplant shock by moving into larger containers incrementally as plants grow. Use vegetative nutrients higher in nitrogen to fuel explosive new growth. Train as needed to shape short, bushy monsters ready for incredible flowering results!

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