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Taking Hits: Big or Small When Smoking Cannabis?

Taking Hits Big or Small When Smoking Cannabis

Inhaling cannabis smoke is an intricate art. Those new to smoking weed often wonder what size hits to take. Should you go big and hold it in? Or take small puffs? Moderate steady draws? The depth and duration of your inhales impacts the experience. Finding your sweet spot takes self-awareness. Beyond conventions, tailor your hit size to your preferences. Let’s explore nuances of big hits versus small hits when smoking cannabis.

The Allure of Big Hits

For many smokers, especially beginners, big hits hold macho appeal. Taking a massive rip looks cool and seems hardcore. But this risky approach can backfire. Big hits give an instant rush but at a cost:

  • Coughing – Inhaling large volumes of hot smoke often induces violent coughing fits. This irritates the throat and lungs. It’s counterproductive if seeking smooth, enjoyable sessions.
  • Waste – Holding in smoke too long allows THC to fully absorb in the lungs. Exhaling huge clouds means you are just blowing out excess.
  • Intensity – Massive hits unleash intense effects fast. This can feel out of control and heighten anxiety or paranoia.
  • Burnout – Getting overly blazed leads to lethargy, fogginess, and couchlock. You end up unproductive and burnt out.
  • Tolerance – Chasing hefty hits builds tolerance rapidly requiring more and more weed to achieve effects.

So for many cannabis consumers, huge hits prove less than optimal. Moderation provides better experiences.

Benefits of Small Hits

Taking smaller, controlled hits offers advantages:

Flavor – Subtler terpene and flavor notes come through when not overpowered by dense smoke.

Experience – Effects build steadily allowing you to dial in the exact high you want.

Health – Minimized smoke exposure protects lungs and reduces coughing.

Dosing – Micro-hits allow Functional precision dosing for daytime tasks.

Conservation – Smaller hits vaporize less terpenes and cannabinoids making your stash last.

Tolerance – Low doses prevent your body from becoming tolerant as quickly.

subjControl – Mellow onset of a mild high gives you clarity of mind to stay in control.

So for consumers seeking flavor nuance, tempered experiences, health, conservation, or control, small hits win. But as always, personal factors matter most.

Finding Your Ideal Hit Size

There is no universally ideal hit size. The “right” amount depends on:

Tolerance – Frequent heavy smokers likely prefer bigger hits. Novices get plenty high on smaller puffs.

Method – Size often varies between joints, pipes, bongs, and vaporizers based on delivery.

Strain – Potent sativas may benefit from smaller hits to avoid paranoia while stronger Indicas can handle big hits.

Mood – Seeking instant relief favors larger hits while recreational sessions suit smaller puffs.

Activity – Functional daytime use warrants modest hits while night recreational useInvite bigger hits.

Environment – Larger hits work better in controlled safe settings versus out in public.

Goals – Micro-dosing promotes focus while larger amounts provide sedation.

Lifestyle – Frequent use builds tolerance requiring bigger hits while infrequent use needs less.

So optimal hit size depends on your unique preferences, scenario, and desired effects. Be honest with yourself about what works best for you.

Techniques for Smoother Hits

Beyond size, technique also influences smoothness and enjoyment of inhales:

Grind fine – Breaking down cannabis flowers increases surface area for improved combustion and vaporization.

Use clean pieces – Change water and clean pipes regularly to filter and cool smoke.

Control airflow – Adjust carburetion on pipes and bongs to fine-tune air mixture.

Go low-temp – Dabbing at lower temps vaporizes terpenes while reducing harshness.

Hydrate – Drink water before and after smoking to moisten mouth, throat, and lungs.

Hold briefly – Research suggests 2-3 seconds is optimal. Don’t hold unnecessarily long.

Draw slow – Gentle, steady draws avoid big hot smoke gulps that induce coughing.

Balance breath – Inhale into lungs, not just mouth. Exhale fully to clear residual smoke.

As with hit size, tweak these techniques until you find the formula for smoothness that suits you best.


In the end, crafting your perfect cannabis hit involves self-awareness. While big hits carry a reputation for getting you higher faster, smaller controlled hits often create better experiences. Find the amount that balances impact with flavor, control, health, and function for your unique needs. Then master techniques to generate smoothness at any size. Listening to your mind and body reveals the best inhale.

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