David Crosby’s Lifelong Relationship With Cannabis

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Rest easy, David Crosby. The High Times family will be joining others around the world in smoking one in your honor, to some classic tunes.

As a founding member of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and a participant in countless other projects, @thedavidcrosby‘s first love was undeniably music. He’d spent as much of his time on this earth as he could making it. The world is better off for it.

After music, Mary Jane wasn’t far behind. These passions were intricately linked. “Other than music, it’s what I’m known for. I’ve been a serious cannabis connoisseur for over 50 years, he states on the #MightyCroz site. “All those songs you like, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, CSN, The Byrds…I wrote them ALL on cannabis. I smoke, pick up the guitar and write songs.”

At the time of our last interview in 2018 (by @javierhasse), Crosby had just begun the next chapter in a lifelong relationship with the plant, for a musician whose name, songs, politics — and facial hair — are synonymous with the 60s counterculture. He started his own pot brand: Mighty Croz—”for boomers.”

“It’s much better for people than the other available ways to get loaded. The human race has always liked getting loaded,” he said, before sharing fond memories of old-school strains and the strongest weed he ever smoked. “It was called ‘Kootenay Thunderfuck’ and it was so goddamned strong, it was way too strong — I wanted to hide under the piano and suck my thumb.”

Crosby lived a real rock & roll lifestyle with all of its ups—and some serious downs—but he kept on and rode it out to a positive place. In our 1999 interview by @mackinnonphotos, Crosby admitted to being a “casualty of hard drugs.” He didn’t hide his past and was “unequivocal” about their destructive nature. But he refused to remain a casualty, telling us he’d “battled hard not to be cast as the recovery poster boy.” He got his shit together, made more music than ever, and lived out his best life as a father, a husband, a partner, and a friend.

When it was his time, and by all accounts he knew it was coming, we can’t imagine he was holding on to too many regrets. #RIP#Crosby

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