Mr Clones - Cannabis Clones Canada for Medical Use

Guidelines for Growing Your Clones

Is it hard to grow cannabis? Growing weed isn’t hard at all but it helps with stable healthy genetics to ensure the best chance of success. How important are genetics? Over 80% of good results are down to good genetics. Plants with poor genetics will grow slowly and with reduced yields. Can I produce cannabis […]

Payment and Transaction Information

How to Send an Interac E-transfer: Sending an Interac E-transfer is a quick process if you use online banking with a Canadian bank or credit union. Comprehensive payment instructions will be provided on the order confirmation page after completing your order. If you are new to Interac E-transfers, you can find guidance at Locating […]

General Information

Is there a minimum order? Yes. 4 Is this legal? YES. Most households across Canada are permitted to grow 4 plants. Please check your provincial laws. Plant Size Upon Delivery: Our standard plants are typically shipped when they reach a height of 4-10 inches. They will be well-rooted in Rockwool cubes. Dead Plants: In the […]

Shipping Information

Who do you use for shipping? Purolator Do you ship outside of Canada? Currently, no Where can I track my package? How long will it take to get my package? We normally ship the first Monday or Tuesday after your order date. Order Shipping Time: Our standard shipping time from the order date to […]

How to Place an Order?

Let’s walk you through the process of placing your order on step by step: